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So, effective immediately my music will have a cost. The format is quite simple:

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I don't need or want to know of your contribution - that is up to you. My website will be updated with this information. I hope you find favor with this new method and pray the Lords choicest blessings on you as you reach out to His children.

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Joseph Smith's First Prayer

MP3 - Joseph Smith's First Prayer
PDF - Joseph Smith's First Prayer Baritone
PDF - Joseph Smith's First Prayer - Soprano
PDF - Joseph Smith's First Prayer - Bari - Violin Part
PDF - Joseph Smith's First Prayer - Soprano- Violin part
PDF - Joseph smith's First Prayer - Alto - Violin
PDF - Joseph Smith's First Prayer - Alto - b-flat Clarinet Part
PDF - Joseph Smith's First Prayer - Soprano - Cello
PDF - Joseph Smith's First Prayer - Alto/Cello Score
PDF - Joseph Smith's First Prayer - Alto/Cello - Cello Part

Live recording (noise and all) -

So earlier this year, a fellow MoTab member told me that his daughter was returning home from her mission and mentioned that it would be way cool if there could be a custom arrangement of the hymn, "Joseph Smith's First Prayer". In this particular mission, they loved to sing the words of Joseph Smith's First Prayer to the tune of, "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing". So I accepted the challenge. This is what I ended up with. 

It is scored for Baritone solo with violin and piano, but can be altered for other voices - just ask and I'll provide you with it. :) I thought it turned out well and this is also the piece that I submitted to the 2015 LDS Submission. I don't know how it fared out as the results won't be released till July. But the deadline for submission has passed and felt that I need to share this with others.

It is very rare that I have strong feelings about a piece, but every time I play this back, I keep on telling myself, "I didn't write this". I feel that I had some heavenly help with this. I hope you enjoy it. If you perform it, I'd love to hear about it and maybe even an audio recording.

NEW: 19 May 2015 - Added PDF with transposed music set for Soprano Voice v1.01S

           20 May 2015 - Added Violin part PDF's for each voicing
           12 June 2015 - Added PDF for Alto Voice v1.01A
             8 July 2015 - Added b-flat clarinet for Alto arrangement v1.01AC
           15 July 2015 - Added Cello for Soprano Arrangement V1.01SC
             6 March 2016 - Added Cello for Alto arrangement V1.02AC


  1. I would love this for my daughter to sing. She is a soprano. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  2. Oh wow....that would be great....thanks

  3. It's done! Navigate back to the top and click on the soprano pdf. Should they perform it, if you can get an audio and send to me, that would be great. Enjoy.

    1. It is beautiful Rick, love it. Thank you again!

    2. Where would you like me to send the recording Rick. It went well...lots of compliments.

  4. Sounds amazing! could you make sheet music for just the violin??

  5. Thank you for the beautiful arrangements. Ward choir was looking for "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" with "Come Thou Font" melody. Our choir is very small with lower voices. Is it possible to have arrangement in alto range?
    Can C instrument be replaced with B or E flat ? ( we have a clarinetist).
    Thank you for your consideration and sharing your musical talent with us.

    1. Hello Akemi, Thanks for the nice words. I would be happy to transpose it for you. Right now I have the alto starting in the key of C and then for the final two verses, it transposes up to the key of A. That puts the alto range at an A below middle C to a D. And I can do either B or E flat clarinet. Let me know if that would work for you. If you want to communicate directly, my email is Thanks and have a great day.

  6. Mr. Graham
    I am sorry for late reply and thank you for making alto arrengement. Can I still ask you for arrangement for B flat clarinet part? Thank you we will start to practice in August we are so excited.

  7. Has anyone recorded this arrangement with vocals?

  8. Wow, you are incredibly talented! I got asked to sing a last minute solo this coming Sunday on the topic of living prophets and this beautiful arrangement will be perfect. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts!! :)

    1. Samantha. Thank you for the kind words. They came at a time where I was upset over some things being said and I went on the defensive. Your timeliness in your note is (for me) just another validation that I am doing what the Lord would have me do. So, thank YOU for lifting me. I hope the congregation feels the spirit as much as Ibgelt when I wrote it.

  9. This is asking a lot, but could you possibly arrange a flute and b-flat clarinet duet with piano accompaniment?

  10. I am contacting you because we would like to "re-mix" this arrangement a bit for a last minute request to perform a violin piece at a youth fireside in one week. Could you please email me so I can let you know what we'd like to do to see if we can obtain permission? Thank you for sharing your talents! My daughter has been wanting to play "Come Thou Fount", so this is a perfect mix that will go with the new youth theme.

  11. We added extra voices to make it work as written, and performed this in Sacrament Meeting as well as an evening fireside yesterday. It was so beautiful!! Thank you again for sharing the gifts the Lord has blessed you with. We received so many compliments mentioning how the music and the wonderful arrangement helped people feel the Spirit.

  12. This is beautiful; we are wanting to incorporate a soprano musical number for girl's camp. However, we must have an accompaniment track. Do you have one per chance that does not have the voice part being played?

  13. I love this arrangement so much and have done it as a solo. I have just been put in as choir director in my ward and would love to do this piece with them, would it be okay if I adapted it, adding the alto, tenor, and bass parts to it for a choir rendition?