For several years, I have given my music away for free. That's right - not one cent. I have been met with resistance from the "pay folks" and have been the indirect subject of how free music isn't really appreciated yadda yadda. As I have and will continue to maintain my music is my way of paying it forward. Because the Lord has blessed me with the talents and I really have no desire to make any money from my music, I have wrestled with how I can feel better about what I do and dismiss the critics. And let me say, I have no problems with those who do sell their music - just their communication on why they think that pay music is superior to free music.

So, effective immediately my music will have a cost. The format is quite simple:

If you use my music in any performance, I would request you make a donation to either the general missionary or humanitarian fund of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I don't care if you contribute $5.00 or $.05. It's just a way to further the work of the Lord by you paying it forward. Think of the good you can do for a struggling missionary or refugee seeking refuge and safety. The scripture, "...if ye have done it unto the least of these, ye have done it unto me" comes very clearly into my head.

I don't need or want to know of your contribution - that is up to you. My website will be updated with this information. I hope you find favor with this new method and pray the Lords choicest blessings on you as you reach out to His children.

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* My originals are NOT sactioned/approved by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Permission from your Priesthood leader prior to rehearsing/performing is recommended.
* No warranties are given or implied. The work shall remain the property of LDS Happy Music.
* And lastly, please enjoy the music. Comments are encouraged. :)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

My New Best Friend

MP3 - My New Best Friend
PDF - My New Best Friend

This is a special piece for me. My eldest grandson is turning 8 in November and he is very excited about his upcoming baptism and confirmation. Since there is no way that my wife and I can attend his special event (we live in Utah and he lives in Pennsylvania), I thought the next best thing to do would be to write a song for him. I asked his mother to "interview" him about his baptism. Here is what he responded:
he is looking forward to having the holy ghost as a new best friend, and that he's excited to be the newest member of church. He said he is also excited to "be like mom and dad" and be a member of the church.
So, I started penning some lyrics in a haphazard way (without even having a clue what the tune would be) - This was last Thursday evening. I turned my lyrics over to one of my collaborators who took my chaos and turned it into a wonderful song and has all the points that my grandson made. This was last Friday evening.
As I read through the words that evening, a tune started to formulate in my head. I wanted it to be a happy song because of the excitement of my grandson for this event.
I hope you like it and welcome any comments. And thanks again to Sue Anderson for her gift in turning chaotic words into a wonderful chronological song. We will miss you, Aidan but will be there in spirit. :)
1. This birthday is a special one, I'm finally turning eight!
    My baptism is coming soon, and I can hardly wait!
    The Bishop wants to talk to me about that special day.
    When I'm confirmed, my new best friend will help me to obey.

2, I'll go beneath the water clear, washed clean from head to toe.
    and rise up with my spirit pure, as freshly fallen snow.
    Then I'll be ready to receive a gift I cannot see:
    the Holy Ghost, my new best friend to guide and comfort me.

3. While others place their hands upon my head, I will be still.
    "Receive the Holy Ghost", they'll say, and joyfully, I will!
    At last I'll be a member of the Church like Mom and Dad.
    The Spirit will be with me, and that makes MY spirit glad!

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  1. I messaged you on FB with one typo. Thanks!
    Really like the song.